Advantages to Waking Up Early: My Perspective


One of the topics that I haven’t posted on my blog is the advantages to waking up early. 

I feel the need to share the way I feel when I wake up early.

I will be honest, not always does it happen to follow my habits a 100%.

Yet, the practice of early rising is something I would definitely recommend.

I started to wake up early (from 5 to 6 am) on a continuous basis about 4 years ago when I started my first year at York University.

I had morning classes starting from 8:30am and since I lived pretty far away, I had to wake up around 5-6am and leave the house around 7 o’clock in the morning.

So, throughout these 4 years, I noted 25 advantages to waking up early.

25 Advantages to Waking Up Early

1. Scientific studies revealed interesting facts: those people who are early risers tend to be in better physical/body shape, more successful in business affairs, more positive and happy, and way healthier than those who have a habit of waking up late.

2. As a rule, we experience stress when we lose control of what is happening. We get trapped in the continuous round of events, without even having a minute to sit down and relax – to think about the day, to plan things, to plan long-term projects, and simply dream.

  • Being an early riser reduces the stress.

3. In the morning, it is great to do energy practices or other things that require perseverance and concentration.

4. Early in the morning, our mind is fresh and clear.

  • Thus, this is the most fertile ground to plant positive, beneficial thoughts and decisions.

5. During the morning hours, it is useful to polish your life philosophy and ask yourself some quality questions:

– “Am I going in the right direction?”

– “Am I doing something that I love?”

– “Do I live a life I’ve always wanted to live?”.

6. The morning hours have the effect of “time compression” – this is when there is a strong sense that time goes slowly, and things are done faster.

  • One hour in the morning is equivalent to two afternoon hours and three evening hours.
  • This means that during early morning hours you can perform a task three times faster and more efficiently than the same task in the evening.

7. Having a habit to wake up early in the morning, you have a list of completed tasks, which gives you a sense of having an organized life and the fact that, despite being busy, you still manage to have time for everything.

8. You have more time doing what you love – reading books, doing crafts, educating yourself, and self-improving.

  • Only very early in the morning do you get those desired extra hours.

9. During early morning hours, you see an increase in your productivity.

  • It’s been scientifically proven that a human brain receives information best in the morning.

10. When you practice early rising, you automatically start to go to bed early too.

  • And this positively affects your health.

11. The level of stress significantly reduces as in the morning you manage to complete those tasks, which you usually don’t have time to finish during the day. 

12. People who wake up early experience a different state of fatigue due to lack of sleep than those who wake up late.

13. By waking up early, you begin to live in harmony with nature, feeling its rhythm.

14. Regular spiritual practice and morning rituals slowly accumulate confidence, inner strength and a sense of control.

  • And the presence of these elements in mental health can not be overstated.

15. During early morning hours, nature emits a strong energy.

  • Those who get up early, receive this energy in full.

16. When you wake up early, you are in a relaxed state. You do not have a sense of constant rush.

  • You begin to keep up with everything which gives a feeling of deep satisfaction and happiness.

17. When you wake up early, you finally start to dream – to think and write down your goals and then plan the strategy to make them a reality.


18. The practice of early rising is the main secret to family time management, even if you have 10 children.

  • You will still have time for everything and live a happy life.

19. Waking up early brings back a sense of silence and peace – those priceless moments of tranquility and privacy, which are lacking in everyday life.

20. An important moment for women. If you are an early riser, you start your day by taking care of yourself.

  • So by the time your family members get up, they see a beautiful, well-groomed, and awakened woman.
  • Add to that, you being nourished with positive literature from early morning.
  • And for a woman, it is easier to take care of her family members when she has given enough time to take care of herself.

21. Waking up early gives you an advantage in a sense that you are never late to work and/or appointments/meetings.

  • You have time to prepare for everything well in advance.

22. When you have a habit of waking up early, you live at an accelerated rate in terms of realizing your goals and completing your tasks.

  • Meanwhile, your internal state significantly slows down, since you have a feeling that you have a lot of time.

23. Those who have children, not only will you have enough time to prepare kids for school, but you also have time to chat, kiss and take care of them to the maximum.

24. Early in the morning, you follow certain morning rituals that give a sense of organization and stability in life.

25. Almost all celebrities, businessmen, and simply people who achieved success in life, have/had a habit of rising early.

For example:

  • George HW Bush and George W Bush: former American presidents would get up at 4:00 am and be in the office by 6-6:45 am.
  • Howard Schultz: Starbucks CEO starts his day with a workout/bike ride and still gets to his office by 6:00 am.
  • Robert Iger: an American businessman and CEO of Walt Disney Company shared with New York Times that he wakes up at 4:30 o’clock in the morning. 
  • Benjamin Franklin: a major figure in the American history would wake up at 5:00 o’clock in the morning and ask himself: “What good shall I do this day?”

And by the way,

Amazing quote by Franklin on the topic of rising early:

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”. – Benjamin Franklin

Don’t you think waking up early is a huge factor in their success?

So these are the 25 advantages to waking up early that I noted based on my experience. 

Now, you know the benefits of waking up early and you are inspired to develop a new habit.

BUT, it is unbelievably hard for you to wake up in the mornings.

So, what’s the solution then?

The solution might be in the new alarm clock – Philips HF3470 Wake Up Light with Coloured Sunrise Simulation.



I’ve heard of this wake-up light from a friend of mine, Steve.

He shared that it extremely challenging for him to wake up in the morning, so when he found out about this wake-up light, he was skeptical. 

However, he read reviews about it.

Then more reviews.

Then again more reviews.

And then he’s made his decision.

The decision was that, even though he thought it wasn’t necessary to spend over $100 on it, Steve still decided to give it a try.

So he settled for Philips HF3470 model, as it seemed like a good price/feature balance, and made his order. 

When he finally received his package, he set it up and opted to go with radio wake up as opposed to other beeping sounds. 

The following morning, his room was filled with light and he felt more energized than ever before.

I guess you wouldn’t be surprised that ever since that purchase Steve continues to use it every day.

This is what he says, in his own words:

I felt my mood had improved significantly and I felt good all day. This wake up light just works. As someone who suffers from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), this wake up light is going to a blessing during the long, cold, winter months.

If you struggle to wake up in the morning and need that extra boost, I highly suggest you pick up your own Philips Wake Up Light.

So there, my friends fighting with alarm clocks!

There is your solution.

As highly recommended by a friend of mine, if you struggle to wake up in the mornings, then go ahead and check out the Philips HF3470 Wake Up Light at today.

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Go ahead and try it. And if you don’t see the results – return it!

Although, you might just like it. As Steve said: “It might not be Australia for the winter, but it sure does help”.


One more thing to say.

Long ago, the information on advantages to waking up early was classified as a secret one and was only passed on to people in positions of power to enhance their authority and power.

Today, each of us can learn to wake up early.

It is enough to have full information on its benefits and knowing how to properly organize your day. 

Enjoy the benefits of being an early riser!

Advantages to Waking Up Early: My Perspective
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