7 Best White Hat SEO Techniques to Explode Your Website Rankings in 2018

Best SEO strategy for 2018 for beginners and advanced bloggers alike: The best white hat SEO tips to increase website rankings in 2018

What is the best SEO strategy for 2018? What are the latest SEO tips and tricks?

Read along to learn about the 7 best white-hat SEO techniques that you will NEED to implement if you want to OWN the search engines in 2018.

In this post you will NOT find cliche answers like:

“Great content + Backlinks = Higher Ranking”

Especially considering that there is a huge debate on whether backlinks are actually good for your website rankings.

Anyway, earlier in December, I watched one of the weekly live webinars done by a successful internet marketer Jay Neill (with 10+ years of experience) on the best SEO marketing strategies to use in 2018.

I felt that this information was extremely valuable and it needed to be shared with fellow bloggers/online entrepreneurs.

SEO tips for 2018 that will improve your website rankings

If you are a beginner and struggling to achieve success with your online business, then this post is definitely for you!

(At the end of the post, I will share a link to Jay’s webinar if you want to watch it yourself.)

Now, if you’ve been blogging for some time, you may recognize some of the strategies shared here, BUT if you put these strategies together, it’ll literally explode your rankings and traffic in 2018.

But there is one important thing to mention – if you don’t have any content on your website, these simply won’t work.

Content Writing Strategy

Before we move to the topic of strategies, let’s talk about understanding content.

It is believed that if you use a bunch of different SEO techniques, then you will get your website to the top.


Here is the thing though, you need to have quality content. I like to think that if content is king, then quality content is the master of the universe.

Writing content is scary, I know.

I know that it feels like people will judge you for whatever reasons. Everyone’s been there, trust me.

I’d like to give you some content writing strategies that you can use.

1. You can write about experience, for example:

  • “Beginner’s Guide to [whatever your niche is]”

2. You can share your opinion:

  • “Why I Think [Something] Will Hurt You Business”

3. Create How-To’s posts, for example:

  • “How To Rank A Blog Post In Hours”

4. Create helpful reviews:

  • “[You niche product] review”

5. You can write about learning topics:

  • “Step-by-Step Guide On [Something]”

These topics work REALLY well.

Effective online SEO marketing strategies to use in 2018

Now, here is a small activity for ya, folks.

Think about one keyword that’s relevant to your niche and include it in the aforementioned content writing strategies.

Let’s say your keyword is “local SEO”. Now let’s break that down:

  1. Beginner’s Guide To Local SEO
  2. Why I Think Paid Reviews Will Hurt You Business
  3. How To Rank A Local Business In Hours
  4. Google My Business Review
  5. Step-by-Step Guide On Ranking A Local Business

Essentially, having just one keyword, you are able to create 5 articles.

You don’t know about it but you actually have an abundance of ideas and endless amount of content to write, if you follow these 5 content writing strategies.

Moving on to the exciting part of this article: the best SEO marketing strategies in 2018. 

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Best SEO Strategies for 2018:

1. List-Based Content + Year

What I learned this year (and Jay confirmed it) is that many people make a killing with their list-based content.

Personally, I love creating “best of” posts with the year in them and for the following reasons:

  • It is a lot easier to create content listing a few products than just an individual product review.

For example, instead of creating “Nikon D5300 Review”, I will create “Best Nikon Cameras for 2018“. This way, I also manage to create lengthy, quality blog posts.

  • When done right, a single “best of” post can bring in thousands of clicks and thousands of dollars a month.

Basically, you’re almost guaranteed to get to page 1 of Google by doing this and these types of posts convert like crazy.

I am personally using this strategy on my newly built website, so stay tuned for my Amazon niche website case studies!

Now, one of my top ranked blog posts is about 5 best residual income opportunities.

If we type that keyword in the search box, you will see that I am ranked #2 in Google:


And I constantly keep getting traffic since I’ve created in March 2017 (and updated it for 2018).

Back then, I didn’t even realize that I was using one of the best ways to bring in traffic and this strategy has been proven over time. 

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Best SEO Strategies for 2018:

2. Internal Links

You may be surprised, but the power of internal links is absolutely amazing.

I’ve interacted with a lot of mega-successful digital marketers over the past year. These online entrepreneurs got ranked on the first page of Google and most of them are making $10,000+/month.

All of them shared that the most important metric for Google rankings was links.

Now, there is a great debate about whether building backlinks is important.


A few days ago, within an online business community I am a part of, someone asked if it is possible to get to first page of Google without high quality backlinks.

And Kyle, the co-founder of that particular community, who has 15+ years of experience, believes they are NOT important.

You can read his post on why he thinks backlinks are not good for your website rankings by clicking here.

You choose who to trust when it comes to back-linking.

However, you MUST build links within your website (internal links).

The more internal links you have pointing to other relevant content on your website, the more Google will like your content and reward you with a boost in the rankings.

With links you can also create an effective sales funnel.

One important thing to mention though. When you build your internal links, make sure that you are linking to relevant content.

In fact, irrelevant links can actually harm your SEO.

If we’ll look at Google Webmasters Tools (Search Console), we’ll see that there are stats available for internal links.

Now think about it, if internal links wasn’t important, why would they have it inside Google Search Console?

So, what’s the big deal about it?

Internal links not only help to keep Google bot crawling your website, but it also helps to keep your website visitors engaged on your website.

Remember, the longer they stay on your website, the better.

This means your website has a positive user experience (UX).

And whenever you create a good user experience you are also making Google very happy because both UX and SEO are related.

If you keep your readers happy, you will make Google happy, and in return Google will make YOU happy by rewarding you with his website rankings.

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Best SEO Strategies for 2018:

3. Fetch As Google

Just like internal links, fetching as Google is a powerful tool to use.

Essentially, it lets you let Google know about your new post or page on your website right away, and this way you ask Google to use its bots to crawl and index your content.

A while ago Jay shared with the community how he got his new post indexed and ranked in 21 minutes.

Of course, he followed a set of on-page SEO metrics but it was using the Google As Fetch that helped him get his post ranked so fast. 

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Best SEO Strategies for 2018:

4. Get AMPed!

What I am talking about here is Google AMP Project, which is a great way to deliver your content faster.

So, why would Jay put this as an effective SEO strategy for 2018?

Well, this is because our society heavily relies on smartphones, which is essentially a marketing machine.

In other words, people use smartphones as a way to read information on the Internet and because it is a mobile device, they want to get that information FAST.

So, what Google AMP project does is that it puts itself in between the search results and your website and it creates what’s called “AMP results”.

And it basically is a light version of your site without all the fancy things that you have on it, like ads, themes whatsoever.

And it delivers your content right away before people even actually access your website.

Let me give you an example. I just took my smartphone out and searched “best residual income opportunities 2018” and ta-dam!


I appeared top 1 in Google search and this post was AMP powered. I knew this because there was a lightning bolt in a gray circle, indicating it is an AMP result (see screenshot above).

Now, when I click on it, look at the URL.

It says Google.ca (I live in Canada), not kasottyblog.com (my actual website address).

What this means is that Google hasn’t even reached my website yet. Google actually took the content and stuck it on their web servers, so that when people search for information, they get it right away.

Why AMP is one of the important SEO strategies in 2018

As I said earlier, AMP puts itself between search results and your website to deliver content as soon as possible.

Originally it was available to news outlets but now it’s available to everyone and we should definitely take advantage of it for SEO purposes.

Even though Google doesn’t confirm it, in the webinar Jay shared his opinion that not only does AMP delivers content faster but it also improves your rankings faster.

So, don’t under-estimate AMP results! 

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Best SEO Strategies for 2018:

5. Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools is just like Google Webmaster Tools (now called Google Search Console).

Why Bing Webmasters is one of the best seo strategies in 2018

Using the Bing Webmaster Tools will help you get indexed faster in Bing and Yahoo.

Apparently, Bing and Yahoo take up about 13% of the world search population.

So, why not leverage that and use that 13% and see if you can get that additional traction/traffic on your website.

So, don’t underestimate it too.

Even though the interface is different, it works exactly like Google Search Console. 

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Best SEO Strategies for 2018:

6. Leveraging Site Comments

Getting comments on a blog is one of the common beginning blogger concerns.

First of all, why is having (quality) comments important for your blog?

This is because comments show engagement on your blog. (Another thing that Google loves).

And does this comment engagement matter?

This is because it’s a form of content creation as well.

Believe it or not but EVERY SINGLE REPLY counts as content creation towards Google rankings.

Today Google wants consistent content creation. Fresh, new stuff.

Now, why would you want to use SiteComments

SiteComments is a feature/mini-platform within the main platform of Wealthy Affiliate.

For those who haven’t heard of Wealthy Affiliate, it is an online business community/training centre (and is my #1 rated choice for newbies to get started online).

To this day, SiteComments is the most effective platform on the Internet for getting high quality, unique, and engaging dialogue on your website.

You don’t HAVE to use this feature. But I know for a fact that as a beginner blogger, you may struggle to receive comments on your blog for various reasons that I explain here.


As you can see from the screenshot above, within the system you can “earn” comment credits. 

You give 2 comments, you get 1 comment in return.

There are no limits on this, so regardless of how many comments you want to get, you can earn credit comments. 

If you are getting too busy with your online business(es), you also have a choice to buy the credits that can be used towards comments.

In any case, once you start getting organic traffic and organic comments on your posts on a daily basis, you can stop using SiteComments.

Believe me, Google will absolutely love you and give you some ranking boost if you reply to every single comment that you receive.

Effective SEO strategies to use to improve user experience (ux) and increase website rankings

Once again, engagement (user experience) and SEO go hand-in-hand!

Kyle, the co-founder of the WA platform, said it best:

Comments add value to your website, comments create trust, comments breed MORE comments, comments lead to more and longer lasting rankings in search engines, and comments lead to success.

This being said, if you have a new blog post or a brand new website, by all means you should take advantage of Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteComments feature until you start getting organic comments.

Think of SiteContents as your marketing team, helping you add additional content on your website.

I mean, it’s BRILLIANT! 

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Best SEO Strategies for 2018:

7. Posting to Google+

Google+ is actually Jay’s secret weapon that you surely would want to use.

See, by posting inside Google+, it’s going to boost up your website rankings.

But it’s not so much the action of posting in G+, it’s HOW you post there.

Here is the process of how Jay makes posts in Google Plus (and I personally adopted this approach too):

  1. Copy the title of your article in bold
  2. Do a hard stop
  3. Add meta-description of your article
  4. Include a small abstract of what your article is about
  5. Ask people to share their thoughts (call-to-action)
  6. Provide hashtags
  7. Leave an actual URL link to your article

Use this format for every single post on Google+ and you will see that it works every time.

Not only does it rank fast but it also gets your page on first page of Google search.

Just like with the other SEO techniques presented here, never underestimate the power of Google Plus. 

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Bonus SEO Strategy to Use in 2018 (And Beyond):

The +100/-100 Rule.

This is something you need to do way before writing your content, and it has to do with keyword research.

This bonus strategy is something that Jay called +100/-100 Rule.

Whenever you use Jaaxy keyword tool (or any other tool really), you want to look for keyword that have more than 100 search volume and less than 100 QSR (or competition).

Stick to that strategy and you will rank.

Let me use an example with the keyword “buy cryptocurrency”.

Now, let’s find something that falls within premise of 100/100 rule.

As you can see, using the keyword tool there are two great keywords that are available:

  • investing cryptocurrency 2017” (I like it because it uses the year in it) and, 
  • best place to buy cryptocurrency” (it should be a high-converting post because your website visitors will be in the “buying” stage of the purchase cycle).

These keywords have 217 searches/9 QSR and 213 searches/24 QSR, respectively.

Following this strategy, you will likely rank well because it falls under the rule of +100/-100.

There is just one thing to keep in mind – the keyword needs to make human sense!

For example “where buy cryptocurrency” is not a good keyword, whereas the keyword “where to buy cryptocurrency” does make human sense.

Excited to try out the keyword tool yourself?

Type in your keyword in Jaaxy’s keyword search bar here and see the results. (For what it’s worth, Jaaxy does offer a free trial).

Also, don’t be afraid to use stop words – they are fine in a keyword as long as they make human sense.

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Final Thoughts on the Best SEO Strategies for 2018

Even though I was aware of some of the SEO strategies mentioned here, Jay’s webinar was a great reminder and taught me some additional tips to use.

I found the webinar extremely helpful and I hope you will too!

As promised, here is the link to the webinar that you can watch yourself.


All you need to do is enter your name, your e-mail address and your password to create a 100% FREE account.

Once again, if you have some sort of experience in the internet business industry, you may recognize some of the strategies shared in this post/webinar.

BUT you put these white-hat SEO strategies together, it’ll literally explode your rankings and traffic in 2018.

Listen to Jay, who has 10+ of experience in the online business field.

These white hat techniques, indeed, are worth using as your SEO strategy in 2018.

Another useful article to read about: “How to Become a Blogger in 2018 and Get Paid: Useful Tips for Beginners“.

Did you enjoy this post? Were you familiar with the aforementioned SEO tips and tricks? What is YOUR best strategy to gain the highest rankings in search engines? Let me know in the comments below!

7 Best White Hat SEO Techniques to Explode Your Website Rankings in 2018
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