Can You Make Money Selling On Amazon? Yes, You Can! (And Here’s How It Works)

How to make honest money online? Can you make money selling on Amazon? Yes, you can and here's how.

How can you make money on Amazon? Can you make money selling on Amazon? (Or without selling, depending on what perspective we are looking at it from).

In this article, you will learn how to make money on Amazon (for free).

If you ever considered building a home-based online business, then this question most likely crossed your mind. 

Chances are you have purchased products from the Amazon store no matter where you are located in the world.

However, what most people don’t realize is that behind Amazon transactions, there are other people involved outside of just Amazon.

  1. There are people who list physical products on Amazon and take care of shipping;
  2. And there are Amazon Associates who refer people to Amazon through affiliate links and/or banners in exchange for commissions.

If you choose being an Amazon Associate, then in a way you are making money without selling.

Instead, you ​help​ people find what they are looking for.

Amazon Associate Program is a great option to consider if you are looking for ways to monetize/make money from your blog/website

Initially, I didn’t consider joining the Amazon Associate Program due to its starting commission at 4%.

However, a lot of successful online entrepreneurs strongly suggested that I join.

The reason why it is highly recommended is because Amazon sells millions of items every day in every part of the world.

And every single of these items is an opportunity for an affiliate marketer.

I am happy I gave it a try and I want to share with you HOW it works and WHY it works.

But first, here’s an overview of what to expect in this post.

Let’s get started.

How Does Amazon Associates Program Work?

Before we talk about Amazon, let’s briefly discuss how the whole make money online process works.

As of 2018, there are almost 4 BILLION of people on the Internet and they constantly search for things online. 

That is where you come in with your helpful wesbsite and your job as a blogger/website owner is to provide the information that your audience is looking for.

Essentially, you are ​helping​ these people and in process you are earning revenue (at no additional cost to them).

How does affiliate marketing work? How can you make money selling on Amazon? Here are the tips on how to become an Amazon associate and make money online in 2018 (for beginners).
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Before joining the Amazon Associates Program, first, it is necessary to create a niche-specific website. 

Having a website on the Internet is what connects you with your audience.

Personally, I build my websites using the SiteRubix website builder because it’s fast, easy and has zero upsells.

You can also use Bluehost (a VERY popular hosting service).

Or if you want the shortcut, you can get a done-for-you Amazon affiliate website.

Then, on my websites, I write useful content related to my niche and get my websites ranked high in search engines.

When Internet users find my website through Bing or Google and find information helpful, then I get a commission from every purchase they make through my Amazon links.

The best part is that there is no hassle about keeping inventory in stock or take care of shipping, whatsoever. 

Also, what I love about it is that I don’t feel like a sleazy salesperson, instead my main focus is to deliver quality content. 

A beginner's guide to making money online, specifically how you can make money selling on Amazon in 2018 (and beyond)

My website visitors are looking for information, solutions to problems and to buy stuff.

I make my visitors happy and in turn they make me happy too.

Win-win situation.

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How Much Money Can You Make Selling on Amazon

The beauty of having a profitable website is that there is no limit to how much you make online, it all depends on YOU and your efforts.

The sky really is the limit.

I know for beginners it may be challenging to visualize how you can make money with Amazon, so let me give you a “real-life” example.

Recently, I decided to create an Amazon-niche website on digital technology. 

The main focus of my website for now is digital cameras and lenses. 

Anytime I talk about specific camera and/or lens, I just go to the back office of the Amazon Associate Program, grab my referral link and share it within my post.

If anyone who reads my article decides to buy a product, I will get a commission.

In fact, this is exactly what happened. (And pretty fast!)

You can see my first Amazon’s earning report within the first week of my website being live:


1-Week Old Website: 19 Clicks, 3 Ordered Items.

Then more visitors, more clicks and more sales.


Despite my website being brand new, it already started making money through Amazon links.

And this doesn’t even include other products that may have been purchased at Amazon that I got credit for!

Two months later and I have more sales and more commissions.

The biggest commission that I received so far was thanks to someone making a camera purchase.

But as you can see from the screenshot above, even though my article was about cameras I made sales in other categories too.


Because any time someone clicks on one of those links and buys anything, I mean ANYTHING, within 24 hours, I get a commission.

Your job is to direct people to Amazon and Amazon handles the rest, so you don’t have to worry about inventory, shipping, whatsoever.

March 3, 2018 Update

3 days ago, I published my 13th article on that website.

Today I check in incognito mode the keyword I was trying to rank for and to my surprise I am not only on the first page of Google but also Google chose my website for the search info box thing!

(Not sure how exactly it’s called but here is what I mean).

My new website update

You can even see bits of my own branded image style.

This has happened to me for the first time and it’s a pretty awesome feeling must I say!

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Making A Full-Time Living As An Amazon Associate

A fellow blogger, Colton James already makes a full-time living thanks to his Amazon websites.

I met him online back in 2015 and I remember him sharing how he reached his goal for June 2015 (which was to make $2,000/mo on Amazon).


Following that, in December 2015, he already made $10,000/month!


He is in his early twenties and he already makes more money than probably 85% of people within the month.

Do you now see how awesome and powerful content creation is!?

You should realize that there are MILLIONS of products online and therefore, MILLIONS of ways to generate income.

Amazon’s network includes over 100 million items and it is exciting to know that there is essentially unlimited opportunity online. 

Note: Be sure to promote quality products as you want to keep your audience’s trust.

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How Does Amazon Pay?

In 2018, Amazon has fixed standard program fee rates for specific product categories.If you decide to make money selling on Amazon, then you should know the standard fee rates that Amazon provides for specific product category.

Unlike other affiliate programs Amazon’s affiliate cookie expires after 24 hours. So within 24 hours if your visitor buys something you’ll get commission.

Now, there are 3 ways that Amazon provides to pay their associates/affiliates:

  • Amazon Gift Card (minimum $10 earnings)
  • Direct Deposit (minimum $10 earnings, for US residents only)
  • Pay By Check ($100 minimum earnings)

Personally, since I live in Canada, I chose the third option – that is, to be paid by check once I reach $100 or greater in commissions.

The good thing about Amazon is that it is consistent with its payment – they pay out on the 1st of each month.

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Main Reasons to Be an Amazon Affiliate Marketer

Below are the 5 main reasons why it’s recommended to become an Amazon Associates Partner.

Reason #1: Amazon is global

If you live in USA, then you will shop from

If you live in UK, then you will shop from

And if you are like me from Canada, then you will shop from And the list goes on.

There are different ways that you can direct your blog readers to an Amazon store of their country, which increases your chances of earning more commissions. (More on this in my future blog posts).

Reason #2: Amazon provides any product imaginable

As I mentioned earlier, Amazon’s network includes over 100 million items and millions of items are being sold every day.

They offer virtually anything and everything.

This means that no matter what niche your website is in, you likely will find products that are relevant to your particular niche.

You cannot underestimate the possibilities that the Internet has to offer!

Reason #3: Capitalizing on holidays

Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday – these will be your big earners.

See, when it comes to holiday shopping, people do not wait.

If they go through your affiliate link, they will most likely buy something right away and, usually, it involves more than one item.

This is definitely a great time for an Amazon Associate because holiday weeks will account for at least 50% of your earnings. 

Reason #4. Amazon is trustworthy

Shoppers love and trust Amazon. It is the most popular e-commerce website all over the world.

As an affiliate marketer, you definitely can’t ignore this fact.

Reason #5: Send traffic to Amazon; Amazon does the rest!

The beauty of this program is that Amazon is great at turning its visitors into buyers.

What you need to do is send your website traffic (people) to Amazon through your affiliate links and Amazon will take care of the rest. 

And not necessarily will it be the product that you promoted on your blog – it could be anything else that was bought, as long as it falls within the 24 hours from the time someone followed your affiliate link. 

Obviously, you can’t just join the Amazon Associate Program and expect huge cash flow without work on your part.

If people claim that you can make big money fast and easy, usually it’s a scam.

It is absolutely necessary to learn how to build a successful affiliate marketing business. 

As you can see, people like Colton can make a full-time living from Amazon alone with no products, shipping or inventory.

They just send people from their website to an Amazon platform.

To be successful online, you need to understand the fundamentals of creating a long-term online business that eventually will bring you hundreds, and even thousands, of dollars a month.

And for this to happen, you need proper guidance.

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Educate Yourself on Being an Expert Online

Here is a few things that you will need if you want to be a successful affiliate marketer:

1. Receiving high-quality training/education
2. Building your website (read my review on SiteRubix)
3. Having secure domain and hosting
4. Keyword research tool (consider Jaaxy)
5. Having access to community of like-minded individuals
6. Getting help when you need it
7. Having unlimited support from industry experts

There is one program that offers it all under 1 roof and it is called Wealthy Affiliate.

The best part is that you can test-drive an entire platform for FREE!

Click on the Image to Create a FREE Account!

There is a whole bunch of programs online that didn’t prove to be as successful in delivering quality information as Wealthy Affiliate.

This online business community provides a proven system that worked almost 15 years ago and it works now too.

Really, the system comes down to these 4 steps:


Choosing an interest, building your website, getting website ranking and visitors and then using your website to make money through various affiliate programs.

And this is how you can make money on Amazon too.

It has been mentioned already that this training centre offers a 100% free starter membership but what does it exactly allow you to do once inside?

Now, here is an honest video of what exactly to expect at Wealthy Affiliate:

Getting Rolling With $0: If you want me to personally help you succeed with Wealthy Affiliate, then click here to join and receive my personal help and support.

And I promise you that I’ll be available to you every step of the way. 

Pick my brains all you want, I don’t mind 🙂

Join the community, say hi to me on my profile @Zarina (and expect some bonuses from me).

See you on the inside, folks! ↓

Click Here for My Personal Invitation to YOU.


If you have any further questions on how you can make money selling on Amazon or building an online business in general, please leave your questions in the comments below and I will be happy to answer them.


Can You Make Money Selling On Amazon? Yes, You Can! (And Here’s How It Works)
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