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Best Passive Income Sources: The 7 Practical Ideas to Generate Residual Income (2018)

In this article, we will cover the following: (1) what passive (residual) income is, (2) what are the best passive income sources to use in 2018, (3) the reason why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, and, (4) how to quit the rat race using the ideas shared here. Take advantage of the 7 best passive

How to Become A Blogger in 2018 and Get Paid: Useful Tips for Beginners

How to start a successful blog? How do popular beauty bloggers make money online? What can you do in order to become a successful blogger in 2018 (and get paid over and over again)? Politicians, actors, housewives, soccer players, businessmen, college students, teachers, travellers, writers, plumbers and gamers – all these people have blogs. Many of them

To Build Or To Not Build? How To Create A Website For Free, From Scratch In 2017

Just about a week ago, I published a post on the difference between a website and a blog, and it gave me an idea to write a post on how to create a website for free, from scratch – for those who are willing to blog for fun or who want to build their own

Inspirational Business Success Stories: Vitaliy’s Tips For A Profitable Online Business

Need inspirational (internet) business success stories? Learn more from experienced bloggers and affiliate marketers? Look no further. In this post, my friend Vitaliy shares his tips for a profitable online business that you can start building in 2018. One of the positive aspects of working online is that I constantly meet awesome people from all over