How to Build a Free Website for Beginners the Easy Way (Plus Bonus Training)

How to build a free website for beginners. The easy way to create a website in 2018 (plus bonus training included).

How to build a website easy? How to create a website for free?

How to get started online from scratch and learn to make money with a blog?

Every day thousands of people type these questions in the search engines of Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

Thousands of people create their own websites (blogs).

And several tens of thousands of new sites and several thousand blogs that appear on the Internet every day. Pretty incredible, if you ask me.

There are people who know that you can have a profitable website business online, yet they still don’t build one.

I think that this is because they think that creating a website is a difficult task that requires programming skills, knowledge of scripts, HTML, CSS and other “scary” words.

Allow me to dispel these myths.

No matter how inexperienced you are, you can easily build a website (and for free!). With additional bonuses included.

Basically I will show you the tools that I recommend and will give you a 100% free access to a powerful 10-lesson training to help you get started online.

All the information that you find below is based on personal experience​.

I started back in 2015 and now I get my blog posts ranked in the top page of Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Being ranked first allows me to attract visitors AND make money off my blogs/websites.

Here is an example with my article on how to become a blogger and make money online.

Example of how you can build a website and make money off of it

This blog post is ranked #3 in Google, #1 in Bing/Yahoo and brings me consistent traffic.

Getting organic traffic from search engines ultimately helps you make commissions (of course, given that you know what you are doing).

OK, here is a quick overview of what should you expect in this post.

  1. Basic Information on What’s Required In Order to Build a Website
    • Domain and hosting
  2. A Website Builder, or How to Build a Website Easy (and Free)
    • ​Bonus: 10-lesson online course for beginners
  3. Getting Proper Guidance and Why It Matters


What Is Required in Order to Build a Website?​

Understanding The Terms: Domain and Hosting

A domain is the name of your site.

A hosting is the place (real estate) for your website on the internet.

For example, is the domain name of my blog.

This is something that you can buy and it’s very cheap.

Usually it’s between $10-20 per year depending on which hosting provider you buy it from.

Personally, I use Wealthy Affiliate domains​ because it’s cheap, has zero upsells, yet has everything included (security, protection etc).

Understanding what's required in order to build a website (for beginners). The comparison chart of the domain service platforms.

As you can see from the comparison chart, there are a lot of advantages of choosing the WA domains over others in the industry.

Pretty straightforward.

Now, let’s briefly discuss hosting.

As I said earlier, hosting is the place for your site.

In order for your website to be seen by all the users on the Internet, you need to put it out there online.

Basically, the Internet is this huge hard drive, which has billions of different folders. Some of these folders are occupied, and some are free, so you just need to buy a free folder (hosting) and put your ready site there.

What is hosting, why it's important when you build a website and how does it work.

Just like domains, you may buy hosting from any hosting-provider. Rates depend on the provider and what option suits you best.

For example, the websites with millions of visitors per day obviously will pay more but you as a beginner can start online absolutely for free using the approach that I mention below.

If you decide to build a website on a domain you own, whether you are a beginner or an advanced blogger, I recommend going with Wealthy Affiliate hosting platform​.

How to build a website easy for beginners (and free) and what is one of the best hosting platforms in 2018

This all is a lot easier than it sounds but if you still need further clarification, in a bit I will attach a link to a quick overview on how you can build a website in under 30 minutes.

You will be impressed how easy it is.

I know I was.

A Website Builder and CMS

So, what are the programs that build a website for you?

Well, there are a lot of them on the Internet but the one that I will talk about in this post is SiteRubix platform.

The beauty of this program is that it completely removes the technical aspect of creating websites and lets you be up and running within minutes.

1. As a free member, you will be able to build 2 free websites which will rank and function just as well, as the paid ones.

2. SiteRubix makes your website responsive and mobile-friendly. This means that your visitors will appreciate a great experience visiting your website.

3. The program gives you a platform to build a website of your own taste. You will be presented with thousands of professionally designed website themes.

4. SiteRubix was done by experts, meaning that your website is not only protected but also kept functioning and optimized behind the scenes.

This means that your website is protected from hacking, malware, and spam that ALL websites are susceptible to.

SiteRubix website builder - how to build a free website for beginners (the easy way).
Click On the Image to Build Your OWN First Website Today (100% Free).

In the building process, what happens is that Siterubix installs your website directly to WordPress state-of-art CMS.

Simply put, it uses WordPress, which is the most popular online publishing platform in the world.

If you were to do it the traditional way, then you would have to manually install WordPress to your website.

With SiteRubix – it’s already there.

Just as it’s been mentioned before, the program takes care of all the technical matters and limits your worries.

Really it comes down to these 4 steps:

  • Choose a domain (url name) for your website
  • Give name/title for your website
  • Choose a theme (design) of your website
  • Build your free website in less than a minute!

I promised you a video earlier, so here it is. Watch this quick video tutorial which walks you through the process of creating a website with SiteRubix program.

You can also go ahead and build your own free website right here, right now.

Try it out and see it for yourself:

Advantages of Using the SiteRubix Platform

Let’s look at the advantages of using a SiteRubix platform (there are plenty of them!):

  • It’s completely free to build up to 2 websites
  • ​​​Hosting is included, and you can have a free domain too
  • It comes with expert online training program for beginners
  • Unbelievably easy to install and use
  • Thousands of professionally built, customizable templates
  • State-of-the-art management
  • Monitoring your website 24/7
  • Malware and virus monitoring
  • Hacker and spam monitoring
  • Daily website backups

Among others.

An important thing to mention: Your BONUS.

SiteRubix is powered by Wealthy Affiliate training platform​.

This means that once you sign up with SiteRubix, you will also have FREE access to this online business community.

By having this free access, you will also get to enjoy the free online entrepreneur lessons that comes with your newly built website.

How to build a website fast and free. Plus learn and make money online - how to build a free website for beginners and gain access to a free 10-lesson training course.
Click on the image below to view the course in detail.

​​Give it a try.

It’s been a huge eye-opener for me and was the very course that helped me get started online with my first website (online business).

Proper Guidance and Why It Matters

Building a website is easy, it is making money online (and successfully) as a newbie is hard.

So, what’s the solution to this?

The solution is to have proper education and guidance, a place where you can learn about all the aspects of an online business from A to Z.

(Preferably with minimal investment).

Because you will be building a website with SiteRubix, you will already be given access to the training that ALL newbies must go through.

Long story short, at WA online business community, you will be given step-by-step instructions on creating your new website, choosing a topic for your website, and learning how the money is made.

By taking action and putting the information here at WA into good use, it will be impossible to fail.

These days, most of my income comes from my ventures online.

Internet Marketing and Wealthy Affiliate provide everyone with amazing opportunities and I’m incredibly thankful for the training, tools, and support here that make it all possible.

Try it out and see it for yourself!​

(I am in the community as @Zarina so you can always message me if you need a help with anything.)

As a free Starter member, you can do a lot of things such as build 2 free websites, get access to training and the online chat, among other awesome stuff.

Please remember that success is not an event but rather it’s cumulative in nature.

This means that every step you take now (building a website, getting a proper education, publishing regularly on your website, connecting with like-minded people and receiving help from experts etc.) will contribute towards your personal success in the future.​

If you decided to enter the online business world, I am happy for you!

Considering reading this article on 5 things you MUST consider before starting a blog

Do you have any more questions on how to build a free website?

I understand that I may have missed certain moments that are not understandable to beginners, so ask away!

I am always available for help and feel free to ask your questions and/or comments in the comments area below​ (click to be directed straight to the comment form).

How to Build a Free Website for Beginners the Easy Way (Plus Bonus Training)
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