For Beginners: How to Make Money With A Blog in 2018 (And Beyond)

How to make money with a blog explained in simple language for beginners with income report screenshots. Bonus: how to get started online 100% free.

How to make money on a blog in 2018? Is it really possible to make money online?

If yes, how to get started online for free and eventually become a successful blogger?

One of the questions that I often get is “How do you make money with a blog?”

That’s why in this post, I will talk about the various ways bloggers and webmasters use to make money online

Before you start choosing your niche and creating your own website/blog, you need to understand how exactly people make money with their blogs.

And today I will talk about each method of earning money online.

What more, I will share real success stories of regular people who achieved success online.

It took them work and time to accomplish their goals, but they did it.

And if they did it, so can YOU!

Remember that.

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7 Ways Bloggers Make Money Online:

  1. Contextual advertising
  2. Banners 
  3. Teaser ads
  4. Advertising within a post
  5. Affiliate programs (one of the best ways to make money online!)
  6. Selling your own products
  7. Youtube 

How Much Do Bloggers Earn? → Real Success Stories

Important To Read Today:

Let’s start with the ways you can make money on your blog/website.

How to Make Money Online With A Blog

1. Contextual Advertising

Contextual ads are little blocks of ads within your blog post or anywhere else on your blog.

These ads have their own title, little text, and a link. Whenever someone clicks on those ads, you receive commissions. These commissions range from 10 cents to a few dollars per click.

For example, on one of the cooking blogs, on the right side I see this ad:

how-to-make-money-with-a-blogThis is Google’s ad and whenever people click on this ad, the blogger receives commissions.

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How to Make Money Online With A Blog

2. Banners

Banners are images with relevant affiliate links that you will often on many websites/blogs.

You sign up with any affiliate program and you promote their products with the banners.

Or advertisers come to your blog (if it is very popular) and they ask you to advertise their products, services, whatsoever.

For example, you can become Amazon’s affiliate partner and promote Amazon’s products, books and/or “hot” deals of the day anywhere on your blog.

Banners are very common to find in a whole lot of blogs and websites. Often times they are located in the sidebar area.

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How to Make Money Online With A Blog

3. Teaser Ads

A teaser is a way to “tease” your reader into reading an entire article.


We see only a percentage of their article.

That’s a teaser.

It calls the reader to click on the teaser if he/she wants to learn more.

Such teaser would earn money (or credits) either through the clicks or view. (“Pay per click” or “pay per view”).

This way the money goes to your e-wallet.

One thing to note though is that this form of making money, in my opinion, is the least popular and it’s definitely my least favourite. 

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How to Make Money Online With A Blog

4. Advertising Within A Post

The definition is pretty straightforward.

  • Let’s say you have a culinary blog and you decide to write a blog about kitchen supplies. Within a blog, you create a review promoting a certain product of a certain brand.
  • Another example is when someone wants to maintain his website position online and reaches out to you with a ready-made article with a couple outgoing links to his website.

So for these single blog posts with outgoing links, you can earn additional money. 

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How to Make Money Online With A Blog

5. Affiliate Programs

This is the most popular and one of the best ways to earn commissions.

Affiliate program is a way to promote other people’s products and services with the affiliate links with your affiliate ID.

Let’s say you are an affiliate partner of the largest affiliate program – Amazon.


Let’s say you decide to create a post about a blender within your fitness blog.

In that post promoting blender, you would add your affiliate links and whenever someone buys a blender (or anything else within the 24 hours after a person followed your link), you get a commission from Amazon.

Further details on how you can make money with Amazon are here.

You can apply to any affiliate program, not only Amazon. However, my suggestion is to be careful who you affiliate with and what products you promote.

Be honest with your recommendations!

Simply put, affiliate marketing is when you recommend products and services using your special affiliate ID link, and if people find them useful and buy the products and services you promote, you receive your well-deserved commissions. 

Affiliate/Internet Marketing sure is one of the best residual income opportunities for 2018 and many more years to come. 

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How to Make Money Online With A Blog

6. Selling Your Own Information Products 

This has been quite huge a few years ago and still is a way top bloggers/online entrepreneurs make money online.

The basic idea is that you create a valuable information product/course (all digital) and you sell it through your website.


For example, you are excellent in copywriting and when you create your own website, you decide to create a course on how to become a great copywriter AND get good deals on a freelance platform like Upwork. 

Essentially, you are exchanging your valuable knowledge and experience for the money. 

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How to Make Money Online With A Blog

7. Youtube Channel 

This is an example of video-based blogs (commonly known as vlogs).

Whenever you have popular Youtube videos with likes and comments, you will be paid for allowing ads on the video.

Here is an example of the pop-up ad on the first Youtube video I just clicked on:


Whenever someone clicks on the ad on your Youtube clip, you get a commission.

It’s similar to a contextual advertising with the only difference that it’s not within a post, but rather within a video. 

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How Much Do Bloggers Make?

Real Success Stories of Regular People

I am a part of WA online business community, so every day I see various success stories.

These are real people, who had challenges building their online business but they stayed persistent and eventually achieved success.

Hard work does pay off!

Keep in mind that your earnings directly depend on your efforts. 

[Success Story #1]:

245 Days Online = $2477.50 To Date

Josh shared how a website exactly 245 days old brought him almost $2500.


However, Josh didn’t just sit around.

During those 8 months, he has been following the training and writing content (which is a huge factor to your blog’s success).

He had proper guidance, put his knowledge into good use and made money with his website.

It wasn’t easy but I am sure it was well-worth it.

Click here to read Josh’s post in its entirety.

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[Success Story #2]:

3 Years of Hard Work – $2,000 In 1 Day

Matt also has a great success story to share. As he called it “the culmination of 3 years of hard work”.

The culmination he refers to was making $2,000 in 1 day.


According to Matt, it took him 6 months to start building up his websites and eventually earn his very first commission over $10.

Now he has a $2,000 day under his belt.

Click here to read Matt’s success story post in full.

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[Success Story #3]:

3-Week Vacation in Hawaii and A $2500 Amazon Check 

Here is another sweet success story I want to share with you.

So, there is this Norwegian guy Andreas who comes back home from a 3-week vacation in Hawaii and this is what he finds in his mailbox…

A check from Amazon with over $2500 in commissions!


Remember I said earlier that you can make money with Amazon?

Well, here is the proof.

(Also, stay tuned for my latest Amazon-niche website’s case study posts.)

Click here to read Andreas’ cheerful success post.

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Honestly speaking, through the various means of advertising, a blog can seriously bring good income.

You have every chance and opportunity to earn as much money per month or even more. Really the sky is the limit!

The amount of money made by you on the Internet directly depends on you.

There is only one thing that sets apart those who make more money than those that make none.

And that simply comes down to hard work (with proper guidance)!

Please realize that real business requires real work.

I want to emphasize that it’s extremely important to have proper guidance when starting out.

That is why I am giving you FREE access to Online Entrepreneur Certification Course.

This 10-lesson course is your first step to realizing your potential as an online business owner. NO strings attached! (Pinky promise).


One last thing to say.

Don’t worry if you are a complete newbie to online business and blogging.

Two years ago, I barely knew how to use Facebook. Lol.

Now, I have so much knowledge accumulated and with every new month I keep reaching new milestones with my online businesses (websites).

And I am loving it!

Most people tend to overcomplicate it but building an online business comes down to 4 steps:

  1. Finding your passion (niche)
  2. Building a website
  3. Attracting visitors (traffic)
  4. Making money!

Having a traffic of thousands of people per day means higher chances of someone clicking on any of the examples of advertising I mentioned in this post, and as a result you’d receive awesome commissions on a daily basis. 

To achieve high organic traffic to a website, you need to use proper SEO strategies.

It’s just a matter of creating content, carefully posting your links in the right places and not over spamming your blog.

If you are a beginning blogger, you should realize that making money takes time and efforts on your part.

So, just be patient and persistent with your new blog. 

Keep in mind, that whatever way you decide to make money, you ALWAYS need to focus on QUALITY content.

You are in the business of HELPING, not selling. 

My #1 Recommendation ↓

When it comes to my top recommendations, there’s only ONE program I really recommend. 

It helped me get started online and create profitable websites from scratch. Thanks to this training platform, I am able to lead a laptop lifestyle and have a business that travels with me.

Click here for the exact blueprint I followed.

Do you now understand how to make money on a blog in 2018 and beyond?

Any questions, suggestions or concerns?

Let me know in the comments below and I will be happy to answer them!

For Beginners: How to Make Money With A Blog in 2018 (And Beyond)
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