How to Stop Being So Lazy and Get Things Done? Use This Awesome 1-Minute Principle

Productivity tips: How to not be lazy and get things done? Use this awesome 1-minute principle.

How to stop being so lazy? How to stop procrastinating and start getting things done?

There are a lot of productivity hacks published on the Internet but you sure will want to try this awesome 1-minute principle to get things done.

Let’s talk about the issue of laziness that probably 99% of the world suffers from.

In my recent review of Reality Transurfing book, I was brief on the topic of laziness so I decided to expand it here.

Now, in order to become a generally more active and productive person, you would most likely have to change your eating habits, as what we eat affects our level of energy/laziness the most.

But this is a very deep topic and I don’t consider myself an expert yet to talk about it.

Instead, I would like to provide you with a “quick” way to overcome your laziness.

How To Stop Being So Lazy?


How to overcome laziness - the excellent productivity hack to use if you want to get things done

How to stop being so lazy is a question that MANY people ask and I would like to present a very simple, yet powerful technique that I personally often use in my life.

Sometimes we are in situations when we are lazy to do anything.

  • We have to tidy up in the room but we are lazy
  • We need to go to the gym but we don’t feel like it
  • A big project is long overdue and still we keep postponing it; simply can’t start this project

If you are like me and are working from home, then you know that we are more prone to finding excuses, avoiding to perform tasks and being lazy instead.

The thing is that when you start a career at home for yourself, you don’t really have anyone to answer to.

You need to force yourself to work.

In such cases, I always use the one-minute principle.

How Does This One-Minute Principle Work?

The idea with this principle is that I tell myself that I will work on a particular task for one minute only.

If it flows, then I will continue, if not, then nothing to worry about.

What’s important is that the first steps were taken.

One minute is not a big deal, nothing bad will happen.

Here is the trick with it though.

In most cases after this first minute you don’t want to stop; rather you want to continue performing your task.

This means that even though in the beginning I didn’t want to do a particular thing, I still manage to finish it.

Now, why this happens that you still manage to finish a task that you didn’t even want to get started with in the first place?

In my opinion, there are 2 factors that play a role: the acceleration factor and the dislike of unfinished business.

Let’s examine this further.

Factor #1: The acceleration factor

When it comes to laziness and the acceleration factor, an analogy to the train can be used.

To explain my first point, let me offer an analogy to the train.

If you take a heavy train, you know that it will take a massive amount of efforts and time for it to start moving.

BUT, once it gets going, then the only thing you need to do is to keep adding more coal for it to move the rails.

In this case, the force of inertia is in play, meaning that you don’t need to spend a huge amount of energy anymore.

Rather you need to support this movement.

Similarly, when you need to do something that you are lazy to do, all you need is to get yourself moving using this one-minute technique.

After that, you will just need to support the movement by continuing to do it.

And the more you work on your task, the easier it will be for you.

It’s that force of inertia I was talking about earlier.

Makes sense?

Factor #2: Naturally, we don’t like unfinished business

I am sure you all had situations when you were doing something, there is just a very bit left to do, and at that point, someone interrupts you (or for whatever reason you stopped working on a task).

Do you remember that feeling of discomfort?

You started to work on something, just a bit left to do, and here it is – someone/something just doesn’t let you finish it right away.

Same happens with the one-minute principle.

Except, you don’t want to be that “someone” who interrupts your own work.

That is why, as a general rule, when you start working on something, you just don’t want to stop doing it because naturally, we don’t like unfinished business.

My Final Thoughts: The 1-Minute Productivity Hack

Initially, we don’t want to do something, but then we say:

“Let’s do it for one minute only”.

And within this minute:

  1. We accelerate, we speed up and with this speed, we continue to move forward.
  2. Then, since we already have started to do something, we don’t want to stop in the middle. As a result, we just continue to do it.

These are exactly the two points that are involved in this one-minute principle I am talking about.

Do you see how easy it is to trick our laziness!?

And it actually works great.

I don’t remember a case when I started doing something for one minute and then stopped doing it after one minute. Sometimes, I will give myself 3 minutes to see how I feel.

Just be careful not to push yourself to the point that you have a nervous breakdown 😉

No matter how many times I used this one-minute principle, it works wonders!

I always start and I always finish.

Straightforward and easy.

Anyone can do anything for just one minute only.

This technique is just a “quick” way to overcome your laziness.

When I was a student at York University, this 1-minute approach helped me get my school projects done faster.

Now as a blogger it’s even more important to be efficient because my blog is my money-making business.

That’s why I recommend you use it and get things done more often! 

My best advice to you, however, is to consider changing your lifestyle/eating habits if you want to always have the energy for every project that you have in life.

I hope you found this post useful!

Do you have any suggestions, advice or questions?

Did you ever try this one-minute secret to overcome your laziness and achieve anything you want?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments area below! 🙂

How to Stop Being So Lazy and Get Things Done? Use This Awesome 1-Minute Principle
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