Getting Started Online in 2018: Your First Steps to Success!

How To Get Started for Free And Make Money Online in 2018

Here’s my guide to making money online for beginners and how you can get started today. 
With the HONEST video of what EXACTLY to expect for $0.
(Based on my personal experience).

Chances are if you are on my blog then you are looking for legit ways to make money on the Internet.

Maybe you are passionate about travel and want to be able to fund your trips like I do.

Or maybe you simply want to quit the 9-to-5 and work from home, so that you can enjoy more free time with your family/kids. 

My name is Zarina and I want to share with you my personal experience and all the training that I have received to make my dream a reality (and that you can use to achieve your dreams too!). 

Even though I have a few other niche websites, I created this blog specifically for the purpose of documenting my online journey and at the same time helping you understand real, legitimate ways of building a profitable online business. 

And don’t worry, no experience required. When I started my first website online back in 2015, I barely understood how Google worked. Lol.

OK, let me be clear about 1 thing. 

I will provide you with all the tools and training to succeed online, but ultimately it’s up to YOU to take action.

The truth is, success is not an event but rather cumulative in nature

This means that every step you take now will contribute towards your personal success in the future.​

These steps include, but not limited to:

  • building a website,
  • getting proper education,
  • publishing regularly on your blog,
  • connecting with like-minded people,
  • receiving help from experts and so forth. 

But first, you need to read this post in its entirety 😀 

What you will learn about in this post:

  1. My Personal Online Journey

    • … My #1 rated training platform for beginners
    • And how exactly I made first commissions with my 2-month old website (!)

  2. Using the Internet to Make Money Online 

    • … And more proof that it works
    • Real people, real success stories 

  3. How You Can Get Started and Have My Support


Just keep on reading, my friend.

I assure you that with the right training, tools and support that you receive every step of the way, creating a stable passive income IS a reality. 

I’d love to show you how, based on my personal experience.​ 

On that note, first, let me tell you about myself and my online journey.​

How One Former Law Student Learned To Make Money While Blogging …

… And How You Can Do It Too!

How to become a blogger and make money online? How to become a travel blogger? How to get started online for free? My beginner's guide to blogging and making money online in 2018

I know, I know.

It does seem like I am the biggest party girl but I promise you I was a great student! Lol.

The reason why I chose this photo-collage is simply to show you how much I enjoy my freedom and my life now and a big reason for that was that I’ve made the right choice in my life.

It’s been over two years and time only confirms that it was a smart move to listen to my heart back in 2015.

Anyway, let me start from beginning and tell you my personal story. 


I came to realize and explore the Internet possibilities a few years ago. I thought I missed all the chances and that I was hopelessly behind.

However, practice has shown that what’s important is not WHEN you came but HOW you came to the Internet.

Traveling as a language student in various parts of the world and having the experience of my life, I didn’t even lead any travel journal online.

What a mistake!

Missed great opportunities back then. 

The problem was that I didn’t have the proper knowledge and guidance and back then I had no idea how this could even benefit me.

Initially, I started exploring online opportunities as a freelancer.

Little did I know that through that experience, I would gain so many friends and connections and gain the knowledge necessary to start my own profitable online business.

I remember the times when refused to be active on Facebook and didn’t have any other social media pages, backing it up with an excuse that I don’t want to waste my time on tinsel …

… Which is true if we consider the Internet as a place of residence and not as a powerful online tool.

Even though I came to the Internet late, I came to it mindfully:

  1. I started with reading the books for bloggers and freelancers 
    • … while gaining experience online as a freelancer

  2. Then, I learned about the tips and techniques from other bloggers

    • … it’s important to connect and network with people (which leads to #3)

  3. Finally, thanks to my online connections and people’s recommendations, I joined the most powerful online business community

    • … which gave me an opportunity to create a website and build an online business from scratch. ↓


I already mentioned that making money with a website is a PROCESS and not a get-rich-quick scheme.

And to think that blogging for business is easy is a nonsense.

I am familiar with the stories of super successful bloggers and webmasters: all of them became successful thanks to their burning desire to make money online and through their colossal efforts to make it work.

Just like them, I was dedicated to building an online business and I started following the step-by-step instructions in my favorite online training centre.

(Read on, in a bit, I’ll share how exactly I and many others make money online).

I had to constantly grow and develop my blog.

From one visitor and from first 10 cents made online, I slowly but gradually started having more loyal visitors and more income with every passing month.

how-to-make-money-on-a-blog-2018What happened is that at the start of my online journey, I realized the tremendous opportunities that the Internet offered and it became evident that it’s time to make a castling:

work online and live offline

And it was one of the smartest decision I’ve made in my life.

Somehow, I was able to separate the reasoning voice from the common information noise of the Internet (truth vs. scams) and happened to rely only on the models that DO work.

And now it is my mission to make sure you don’t fall prey to scams online and join legitimate programs that actually teach you how to make honest money on the Internet.

I often see skilled people not being able to make it work online and wasting their talents idly wandering the endless nooks and crannies of the World Wide Web…

Instead of using it to weave their own story.

Seriously, today, the Internet allows anyone to do anything, anywhere and anytime.

Most people tend to think that self-expression and the realization of the potential are only possible for those who have talents: writing, drawing, photography and so forth.


On the Internet, you can do anything you want.

One option is that you can to become a freelancer and work from home.

However, choose to build an online business over other ways to make money online as this is where real online opportunities exist.

Or maybe you love inspiring articles and wise quotes?

Then instead of mindless reposting to your Facebook page, you can create your OWN website with the quotes and articles that are like gems.

Remember, that you don’t always have to be the creator of the material that you create.

Make an entry point, where like-minded people will gather and you will have a wonderful sense of fulfillment.

If you do write, take pictures, decorate things, read a lot, do fitness, travel the world and/or cook amazing food – then you are an Internet star and a millionaire.

You just don’t know about it yet. 

Here’s How People Make Money Online 💰

So, how is it possible to make money online as a blogger/website owner?

There are many ways to make money online but in a nutshell, we as bloggers provide information that people are searching for on the internet.

And we get paid to do so

Personally, I followed a simple 4-step process:

How to use the internet to your advantage? The 4-step system that shows how to become a blogger and get paid. My beginner's guide to blogging and making money online (and you can get started for FREE!)

When Internet users find my website through Bing or Google and click on my, let’s say Amazon product recommendation, then I get a commission (at no additional cost for them).

The beauty of having an online business is that there is no limit on how much you make online, it all depends on YOU and your efforts.

The sky really is the limit.

Seriously, don’t f*cking listen to scam headlines claiming that you can make $1,000 a day with no work…

I mean, you CAN make $1,000 a day but it is hard work, proper guidance and persistence of yours that will get you to that level of success. 


Again, once you build your website, as an affiliate it is your job to direct your readers/traffic to companies you’ve partnered with (for example, Amazon), and whenever your reader buys something there, you receive commissions.

It’s simple as that!

Now, I realize that as a newbie it might be hard to visualize this, so allow me to give you an example using my own website.

Just a couple of months ago, I created a new website where I create extensive, quality content on digital technology.

Somehow, my 2-month old website managed to get ranked #3 in Google! (This is VERY impressive for a new website – I myself am pretty shocked).

ranked #3 in google

This article is on the best cheap cameras under $500 that you can buy in 2018.

At the end of each camera product section, I have call-to-action buttons that lead my visitors to check cameras out on Amazon. 

And guess what?

I made my first sales a week after launching my website!

getting started online and my first Amazon commissions
1-Week Website, 19 Clicks, 3 Orders = $7.20 in Commissions

Even being a totally new website, I’ve made a few sales already.

Two months later and I have more sales and more commissions. (See screenshot below).


The biggest commission that I received so far was thanks to someone making a camera purchase.


A few months later, with more quality content, the traffic increases and the level of my income keeps increasing with every new month as well.

How exciting!

As you can see from the screenshot above, even though my article was about cameras I made sales in other categories too.


Because any time someone clicks on one of those links and buys anything, I mean ANYTHING, within 24 hours, I get a commission.

The best thing is that you never feel like you are a sleazy salesperson, instead you are helping people to find what they are looking for. 

So, when someone read my camera guide, they found it helpful and decided to purchase one of the cameras through my Amazon link.

Amazon handles the rest, so you don’t have to worry about inventory, shipping, whatsoever.

Do you now see how awesome and powerful content creation is!?

You don’t have to build a website promoting Amazon products only, on the Internet almost every major company has an affiliate program that you can join (Ebay, Walmart, AliExpress etc). 

Your goal is to find your passion/niche, create your own niche website, become an affiliate for major companies, and incorporate their links on your site.

Now, to some people my success may seem small but it wouldn’t have happened at all if it wasn’t for Wealthy Affiliate that gave me all the tools, training and support to succeed online.

All about blogging and online marketing and how you can get started online. Internet marketing involves proper SEO strategy in 2018, having new fresh content and a few other blogging tricks you should use to succeed online.

And I know for a fact that if I put more time, work and efforts into my online businesses, I will start making solid passive income.

And let me be honest with you here.

Don’t be the person who doesn’t take action due to fear of changes. Think about yourself and your future!

Be the person who is willing to leave the comfort zone and learn about building an online business from the ground up.

(And I promise, I will be there to help you along the way).

Be the kind of person who takes action and does so immediately

And most important of all, be patient!

 Using the Internet to Make Money Online …

… And More Proof That It Works

Lifestyle Bloggers 2018 - blogging tips, travel, working from home and making money online

Think about this. 

Do you know at least one modern-minded person who is not present on the Internet?

Who doesn’t have social media pages, doesn’t read an interesting article, doesn’t search for information using search engines or doesn’t stay in touch with friends from all over the world? 

Pretty much the entire Internet world is just one click away. 

We really are BLESSED to have these kinds of opportunities available to us in the 21st century.

Surprisingly, the enormous possibilities of the Internet do not excite everyone today.

Once again, I am here to announce that one of the possibilities that the Internet opens is blogging for business and making money online. 

Earlier I showed you Amazon commissions I’ve made thanks to my recently created website on digital technology.

And now, I want to show you a screenshot of the latest commissions that I made from just one program alone, for the work I’ve done once. As a beginner, who barely knew how Google worked back in 2016!

Here is an example of how your highly ranked blog posts can make you money:

Example of how you can build a website and make money off of it

Now, keep in mind that this is a website that is in a tough niche and still started making me money.

Pretty impressive given that I had absolutely ZERO knowledge on how to build an online business back in 2015. 

Fun Fact: I didn’t make money for exactly 5 months after building my first website. Now I can easily make these 50 bucks in 1 day. Definitely a huge progress.

Again, compare it with my new website on digital technology that brought me sales a week later and even more sales within 2 months of its presence online.

Another thing to note is that it is passive income (meaning that I get commissions on a regular basis for the work that I’ve done only once).

And finally, I plan to make my new Amazon affiliate website a main source source of income. (I will likely publish case study articles with more income reports. So, stay tuned!)

If you are wondering, how the hell I survive, the answer is that I still take on some freelance projects as a way to support myself.

The main point of this post is to show that creating a profitable website (online business) that brings passive income IS possible.

(I was just a lazy to work on it consistently and, in addition to that, I had to take a few months off due to the surgeries I had and post-surgery recovery).

But if you don’t have any serious reasons to slack off, please DO pay more attention to your business!


Now, if you are still not yet convinced, my friend Vitaliy agreed to share the amount of money he made through the same program in one year alone: 

Proof of income from affiliate marketing/content marketing/blogging. Making a living from internet marketing

He made about $50,000 in 2015, which came from one program only. Combine it with the commissions made from Amazon and other programs he’s partnered with?

In some U.S. states, even $50k/year this is considered to be a full-time income. 


Another friend of mine, Dylan, was able to make over $2k in 6 months with a brand NEW website


He gave up on his first website that didn’t bring any income, changed his strategy, followed the step-by-step training at Wealthy Affiliate and now he’s making thousands of dollars every month through his Amazon niche website only

When he started a new website, in his first month he made $1, and in month 6, he already made $2360.

(Update: In January 2018, he made close to $5,000/mo with his website being 7 months in).

Read Dylan’s success story here.


There is also Dom, who became a blogger from the ground up and managed to make $10k in 3 years. 

In this post, Dom provides a rough breakdown of how much he earned between his first and third years online.

The point of this is to show you how steep the learning curve is, and how steep the income suddenly goes up.

And guess what?

In June 2017, Dom almost made $100,000 IN A SINGLE MONTH.

(See his income report screenshot).

Please remember that making money online with a blog is a PROCESS and not a get-rich-quick scheme. 

As a general rule, it takes time, patience and hard work to succeed online (with proper guidance). 

How You Can Get Started And Have My Support …

… With NO Money Required to Start!

Please understand the following:

The Internet is the storehouse of opportunities, a unique phenomenon of our time.

The number of Internet users is growing on a daily basis.

Children grow up.

Think about it!

Blogging and living a laptop lifestyle. How to get started online for free

If you start your online project in 2018 about, let’s say, making burritos, and won’t give up in 1-2 years like many others, then 10 years later, the very same children will treat themselves with Mexican cuisine based on your recipes and recommendations.

You will be an EXPERT with 10 years of experience.

And that’s not something easy to find!

Don’t think about your peers.

Think about these very children who in 10 years will use search engines to find the information they need. And here you are with the piggy bank of great material accumulated throughout the 10 years on the Internet. 

You will definitely be well-fed if you do everything properly from the start and provide high-quality content on a regular basis.

Just imagine where you will go if you take a small step every day!

But this is not the direction that many people look.

Many people create their websites with enthusiasm and quickly fade out within the few months.

These people don’t have the strategy and they do not understand the system of building an online business from A to Z.

They don’t have the support they need at the beginning of their journey.

These people rely on the opinion of people who did not succeed in life and fear of being criticized for being different.

Stop looking at other people – do something for yourself.

At Wealthy Affiliate training centre you will have ALL the support, tools and training needed to succeed online.

You will also realize that building an online business is actually rewarding and fun!

So, if you want to know how to use the Internet to make money and have proper guidance, then there is only ONE program I really recommend and it is Wealthy Affiliate. 

As it has been mentioned multiple times, this training centre offers a 100% free starter membership but what does it exactly allow you to do once inside?

Now, here is an honest video of what exactly to expect at Wealthy Affiliate.

Getting Rolling With $0: If you want me to personally help you succeed with Wealthy Affiliate, then click here to join and receive my personal help and support.

And I promise you that I’ll be available to you every step of the way. 

Join the community, say hi to me on my profile @Zarina (and expect some bonuses from me).

See you on the inside, folks! ↓

Click Here for My Personal Invitation to YOU.

Getting Started Online in 2018: Your First Steps to Success!
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