“Reset Button”, or How to Start A New Life


Whatever your reasons may be, there is always a point in life when you feel like starting fresh.

How to start a new life?

That’s a good question and I’d like to share my thoughts on this topic. Specifically, in this article, I will talk about the “reset” button and the general cleaning of one’s life.

You can’t fill a glass that is already full.

This is one of the fundamental principles if you want to achieve positive changes in your life. You cannot hope for great changes in your life while carrying a baggage with past experiences.

Because you will be relying on the same knowledge and experience accumulated before, your life will be about the same. It’s six of one and half a dozen of the other.


I think, pressing the reset button is the start to your self-transformation process.

Before you start searching for your life missions and purposes, first, you must get rid of all the garbage from the physical, mental, and energy levels.

Uncontrolled stacking up of the past will result in two things:

  • Your life being like a deja-vu, as it will keep repeating itself.
  • The speed of your life slowing down.

Have you ever wondered how is it that someone is able to do 10 times as much work than you?

That is because personal success in all life areas can only be achieved at a high speed.

By the way, there are people who sincerely try to accelerate their life rhythm by waking up early, doing sports, and giving themselves rigid discipline. Yet nothing happens. The energy keeps jumping from one point to another, leaving a sense of emptiness.

One of the reasons sure might be the will to walk at an average speed and keep carrying your life baggage with all the junk.


General Cleaning for Those Who Prefer the Speed and Absolutely New Horizons


It makes sense to clean your life in three directions:

  • your past,
  • your present, and
  • your future (don’t be surprised, but in your future, as there is also a lot of junk in the form of beliefs and expectations).

I propose to start with the present as it is right here, right now.

You will notice how the massive cleaning of your present will provide you with a lot of energy and, believe me, you will need a lot of energy in your self-transformation process!

The point here is to throw everything that is possible and even more.

You need to put a certain thing/question to an end – you either finish the job or cancel it if it is not that important.

An absolutely necessary thing is to get tasks on your to-do list out of the way.

Now let’s go into details.


1. Throw out all the garbage.

Get rid of all the junk. First, start throwing out the garbage from your home. Donate, distribute, throw out – anything. Do it right away, do not delay. Putting things in a box and saying to yourself that you will donate “sometime soon” won’t work.

Now, what is garbage?

It’s everything that you don’t use.

  • Clothes that you didn’t wear for a year or more;
  • Souvenirs that you don’t need/aren’t of any value;
  • Anything else that is broken, useless, and has no worth.

And so forth.

The more you dig, the better.

It is necessary to understand that absolutely everything is part of your energy. So whenever you doubt about a certain thing, think and ask yourself:

– “Is it the energy I want to keep or do I want to let the new energy to enter my life?”

The old energy has to be cast out for the new energy to flow in.


You can’t fill a glass that is already full.

You are the one who empties the glass. The more it gets empty, the more it can be re-filled.

Personally, thanks to my knowledge of feng shui, I regularly try to throw away anything that might seem to be close to my heart but yet never is used.

For those who don’t know, in Chinese thought feng shui is “a system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy (qi)”. (⇒Oxford Dictionaries Website)

Speaking of which, Lillian Too makes feng shui clear and a lot easier to understand than anyone else I have read. Her book “168 Ways to Success” (Amazon) gives you different tips to get you started in feng shui, with very lovely illustrations. While reading this book won’t make you an expert overnight (that takes years of study and experience), it will get you started off right. 

Basically, feng shui teaches you to de-clutter your space. And that’s an approach I’ve taken myself. In addition to that, while having an opportunity to travel in the past 3 years, I learned not to keep souvenirs and not to carry too many clothes. This is my habit now to go over the things I have once a month and clean my life by throwing out what I consider a garbage.

Yet, it not uncommon that people can keep souvenirs, clothes and other things for YEARS in their apartments and houses.

It is like having a museum full of things of the past! What kind of changes would they expect, if they do not let the new energy flow?

General cleaning of your life will be something that will indicate how ready you are to let the new experience and new, clean energy to enter your life.

The more you will throw out, the more you are ready.

Do not limit yourself to your home – consider cleaning your desk at work or the car you drive.


2. Throw out the files

Throwing out the garbage from physical spaces is easy. How much time do you spend on your computer or on the Internet?

Even though it is a virtual space, it is still your space, therefore, it also part of your energy.

We got used to saving all the information on the laptop. Why throw out? There is enough of the hard drive.

It is worth reminding here, that the point here is the same – cleaning is the release of energy. Save only the files that are important to you.

For example, why save a movie that you did not like or the pictures that have no particular value to you?

Realize that this all is your baggage that you carry and the more stuff you have in it, the heavier it is on you.

The heavier is your baggage, the slower you will walk in life.

Maybe it’s time to invite new energy into your life.

Get to clean your laptop, your blog and/or social page accounts.


3. Put everything in order

It is not enough to just clean everything, you must place everything in order, give things their own place and systematize your files.

Having a harmonious order lets the energy flow, and so it helps in having an effective functioning of things in your life, especially when you are now ready to accelerate.

You won’t be successful to change your life if you maintain the chaos on your desktop and in your apartment.


4. Filter the incoming information

Remember, in the beginning, I mentioned about cleaning on the energy level?

That is because the cleaning and order are necessary to be present in the stream of incoming information as well.

Your mind work depends on this.

Have you heard of the expression “information intoxication”?

This is highly common nowadays – people read and listen to absolutely everything, ignoring their ability to listen to their inner voice.

The problem is that information piles up.

It doesn’t leave our consciousness, therefore, it is highly necessary to filter the information you are about to receive. Learn to let entering only the information that is important and valuable, and teaches you to grow and develop.

Otherwise, you will lose yourself in the noise of all the information present in your life channels.


Having said that, it is recommended to do the following:

Filter your friend list

  • Delete all your friends on Facebook and other pages, who are not really your friends and do not bring any positive emotions.

Clean your wall/news feed

  • Delete/hide the messages of people, whose updates you find annoying. Especially, those who deliver the news of world events (as they are usually negative ones).

Decide on what websites/blogs you plan on to follow

  • The main principle here is to feel that you can relate to the information you read, feel how you get a response from your soul.


5. Either finish all the tasks pending or press the “reset” button


It is important to finish everything that is on your to-do list. Either the task is “in the process” status, or you really reset it.

It is better to honestly tell yourself that a certain task is closed that keep carrying it with you as a burden. You need to feel that all your things are done and that there are no undecided questions.

This is the first step towards conscious changes in your life.

The process of general cleaning of the present consists of two elements – getting rid of all the garbage on all levels, as well as putting everything in order, including the incoming flow of information.

Adjust your life channels in such a way that you receive only high-quality and positive information.

Do not get stuck in the news feed – you can meet your friends face-to-face and see how they are doing.

If you keep following everyone’s news feed, it is guaranteed that there will be no major changes in your life.

When asking a “how to start a new life” question, you definitely must recognize that your past experience is not your best advisor.

Now let’s get to cleaning!


“Reset Button”, or How to Start A New Life
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