What Is Online Sales Pro? – My Personal Experience


Today, I’d like to share my Online Sales Pro (OSP) experience.

Who is it for and who is it not? And what better option I recommend if you are absolutely new to online business world. 

Alright, first let’s talk about the system created by Vincent Ortega Jr.

If you are already in the online industry and constantly interact with online marketers and entrepreneurs, chances are that you’ve heard of the OSP system. 

In this post, I will talk about what Online Sales Pro is, what features it involves and I will also include Vincent’s YouTube video related to this topic. 

Let’s start with an overview.

  1. Business Name: Online Sales Pro

  2. Business Owner: Vincent Ortega Jr.

  3. Website Page: www.onlinesalespro.com

  4. Purpose: OSP helps you generate leads online 

  5. Price: $37/month (no set up fees) or $297/year (you save $147 annually, which means that 4 months are pretty much free). Even though free trials are not available anymore, you can register for a free demo video here to learn more about OSP program.

  6. My Verdict: Legit. However, if you are ABSOLUTELY new to online business, I suggest you check out my #1 recommendation at the end of the post.

Online Sales Pro Experience

Now, let’s get into details of this platform/system. Let me be clear that at the moment I am a part of OSP with an annual membership, so I speak from my personal experience.

what-is-online-sales-proAs some of you may already know, I’ve been in the online industry since 2015 and I gradually started from being a freelancer to blogger and now taking a bigger step of being an online entrepreneur.

My point here is that throughout this time, I’ve interacted with a lot of bloggers and online entrepreneurs.

And recently, I got in touch with Robbie Godsell, an online marketer from UK, who despite being fairly new in the online industry, achieved great success. I look at him and I am amazed by his progress.

Anyway, Robbie was the one who introduced me to the OSP platform/software to help generate the leads online.

If you are not sure, generating leads online is important if you want to promote your product, service or anything else really. 

I decided to give it a try (at the time it had a 7-day free trial).

I also followed the very owner of the software in social media pages, so that I know who I am dealing with (Vincent sounds like a fun guy, who’s been an online businessman for about a decade now). 

It’s been only a couple of days but I already enjoyed the nice layout, the training, and the tools it has to offer. In fact, I am now a VIP member (paid my annual subscription to save) even before my free trial ended.

Here’s how OSP looks from the inside:


As you can see from the screenshot above, at a first glance you will receive the Getting Started video tutorials, marketing guides on different social media, my leads achieved within a certain period of time, a leader-board and a few other pages with relevant information/training (like how to build your e-mail list, the affiliate program if you apply for it, the way sales funnels work and how to build your landing pages in general).

With training, you will be taught about the following:

  • Sales Training

  • Social Media Training

  • Landing Pages (choose from over 500 designs)

  • Sales Funnel

  • Auto Responder

  • Custom Domains

  • Client Support

  • Community Pages

  • Team Training

  • An App (to manage your account)

I am still in the early phase but so far I am enjoying the knowledge I gained. I also had a chance to connect with other OSP members through the Facebook group that Vincent created for us.

Essentially, the whole idea is that your product or your service won’t convert well unless it has an appealing landing page. This is the main purpose of OSP – to help you build attractive landing pages and guide you through the proper training on ways to get more leads.

A great thing I noticed is that you can connect with your leads via e-mail or phone – not just an auto-responder thing. Yes, making money online is a good thing but you should focus on giving VALUE to your customers. (Directly connecting with your leads is optional, of course).

So, What Is Online Sales Pro?

In a nutshell, OSP is a lead management system for tracking and managing prospective customers.

I believe the system primarily focuses on network marketing companies, but it can also be used for your online or offline business.

Personally, there are a few things that I liked.

First of all, it gives you a chance to test-drive the system for free (7-day trial).

January 2017 update: There are no more free trials available – but you can try the first month for $37 (with $0 set up fee). You can also register for a free Online Sales Pro demo here.

Don’t be discouraged when asked for a credit card information (to prevent any bots within the system), as you can cancel anytime before your free trial ends. Also, Vincent guarantees money-back within the 30 days if you are still not satisfied with the system. 

Second of all, I checked out the pre-written landing pages – all of them look neat, are mobile-optimized and are promising to improve your conversions (turning your visitors into customers).

For those who are concerned with the hosting fees: hosting is provided for all your pages. So that’s definitely a bonus.

Next thing that I liked is that OSP provides a fast and easy way to set up multiple types of customer funnel. Of course, there is a how-to video for every aspect mentioned above.

And finally, you can join the private Facebook community and communicate with other OSP members. (Personally, I like this online business community a lot better – but more on this later).

At this stage of my membership, I could say I enjoy the platform but I wouldn’t advise this program for those who are absolutely new to online business. And not because it’s impossible to succeed or the program is a scam but because newbies might find themselves frustrated since OSP has training tutorials on somewhat advanced topics.

Anyway, I would say that OSP is a great software for those who want to take their business to the next level by managing the leads and, therefore, getting more sales online.

However, as I mentioned before this system is NOT for everyone. That’s my honest opinion.

I’ll repeat myself here.

If you are a COMPLETE newbie online, you might find yourself confused or frustrated. I think you should have at least some basic experience/knowledge in online business and have that expertise to put things together to successfully use OSP system.

Now, the question is HOW and WHERE to get started? I have good news for you – please, continue reading 🙂

If you want, you can watch Vincent’s video where he explains what Online Sales Pro system is about. If you decide that you want a different (better) platform to learn and make money online, then keep reading along.

If you are interested in checking it out yourself, click here to start your free trial.

January 2017 Update: Even though the free trial is not available anymore, you can register for a demo video herewhere an OSP Co-Founder will walk you through Online Sales Pro’s easy-to-use system. Simply fill out the short form and get instant access to the video.​

And if you do decide to join the OSP system, here is a checklist for you to make sure you are learning all you can about the Online Sales Pro system and then setting yourself on a path to online marketing success. 


Alternative Platforms That Help/Teach You How To Make Money Online

Now, if you are completely new to online business, website building and blogging, then there is only ONE program I really recommend. This also comes from personal experience.

I know for a fact that it will work for anyone: students, stay-at-home moms, people with disabilities, retirees and so forth. Even the high school kids can do this.

So, what is this place that helped me get started online?

This place is called Wealthy Affiliate University.

Wealthy Affiliate is a powerful online business/affiliate marketing community, created in 2005 by Canadian online entrepreneurs, Kyle and Carson.

I can easily say that it is the #1 community membership site that helps building a thriving online business. It provides this kind of “all-inclusive” experience to its members with state-of-the-art hosting, expert help, websites, live video classes and training tutorials.

The training that is provided within the Wealthy Affiliate community is NOT a get rich quick scheme.

Instead, it provides the proper guidance and the unlimited support that you need in order to succeed online. I’ve been with the community for 2 years and I can personally vouch for it.


I am not going anywhere even if I will know everything about online business already because it is a great place to connect with like-minded individuals, learn about success stories, learn something new that’s going on in the online industry and it is a great chance to share my personal experience with new Wealthy Affiliate members.

Certain people may disagree with me but I don’t think OSP will suit you if you have zero experience in online marketing.

That’s just my personal opinion here.

When I came to online business industry, I started with Wealthy Affiliate community and I never regretted my decision.

Yes, after time, I have tried other programs as well for comparison but I realized that there’s no better place for newbies than Wealthy Affiliate and it still is my #1 recommendation (even after 2 years of premium membership with them).

Like many others, I like my training to be spoon fed to me, and I always liked the structure of following a program. Another common thing is that many people prefer to go through this process while in a community and not in a vacuum.

My Final Thoughts

Even though I say that Online Sales Pro is legit – I’d recommend it to you if you have certain experience in online marketing, or if you have your own company and you need beautiful landing pages to attract an audience, or if you are extremely sociable and you can constantly communicate with your audience in social media.

Either way, my #1 recommendation has always been the Wealthy Affiliate community.

  1. First of all, it is a great place for a newbie (and a self-proclaimed pro) to learn everything about online business and blogging.

  2. Second of all, there are over 850,000 registered users – meaning that it’s active 24/7 and you can get instant support whenever you have questions.

  3. Third of all, you don’t need to know ANYTHING about the technical aspect of website-building. It’s so easy that it’s laughable. If you don’t believe me, check out this post on how to build your own website for free, FROM SCRATCH.

  4. And finally, there is a Starter Membership available which allows you to test-drive an ENTIRE program for free. Upgrading to Premium membership is completely optional.

The last point is important!

I noticed that people were reluctant to join the OSP program because Vincent took off the 7-day free trial and when he did have the trial, we were required to submit credit card info; whereas at Wealthy Affiliate you are not required to submit any credit card info and you are not forced to upgrade to a Premium membership at all – that’s how Kyle and Carson (the owners) are sure of what they have to offer.

Give it a try!

I am 95% sure you will love it (can’t speak with such certainty towards OSP). And if I’m wrong and you absolutely hate it, then you can come back and leave a nasty comment here 🙂

Before you leave, I want to assure you that I am always available for help – just hit me up when you are inside the community – my WA profile page is right here

c612466ec77679da2a8cecf6689acc7e_1400700330_croppedIf you have any questions, leave me a comment below. I’m here to help and will be happy to assist in any way possible. 🙂


What Is Online Sales Pro? – My Personal Experience
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